Stainless Tool Steels

    HEYE stainless tool steel is selected depends upon the specific alloy designing,which exhibits well corrosion resistance and mechanical properties,The stainless tool steel is suitable for using in wet,acidic or corrosion conditions.

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    For some special applications,there are two types of tool failure occur in combination,the first one is due to direct contact between working materials and tools during operation,and the second is due to corrosive working conditions. Typical applications area screw or barrel used in plastic injection moulding.In order to have a satisfied tool life,the tool steel must be highly resistant to corrosion,in addition,it must possess sufficient mechanical properties,concluding wear resistance, toughness, hardness.The corrosion resistant of the tool steel mainly depends on the alloy composition design. It is achieved by  sufficient free chromium elements soluted in the matrix. Wear resistance mainly  depends on the hardness of the matrix and the existance of the second phase with very high hardness,the second phase generally are carbides of  M6C、M7C3、MC and so on ,MC carbides promote the wear resistance more effectively because of its higher  microhardnes. HEYE is capable to precisely control the harmful none metallic inclusions by refining the melt through  LF and VOD processes and also control the carbide size and its distribution by using ESR, powder metallurgy or spray forming process. Those carefully chosen metallurgical processes make the HEYE products suitable for demand both high wear resistance and high toughness. The HEYE stainess tool steels are recommended for using in applications such as  food processing、medical instrument、industrial shearing blade、corrosion and wear resistant component.

    TypeSpecification (mm)Surface condition
    Forged Round Bar∮80-400 Wheeled/Turned
    Hot-rolled Round Bar8-25Black
    Peeled Bar∮15-150Turned
    Hot-rolled Square Bar7.2×7.227×27Black
    Hot-rolled Flat Bar(3.5-40)×(16-100)Black/Shot Blast
    Hot-rolled Wire Rod∮5.5-17Black
    Cold-drawn Steel Wire2.0-16.5Black
    Ground Wire5.0-14.5Ground
    Steel Plate(2.0-15.0)×(500-700)Black
    Hot-rolled Strip(36-65)×(1.5-3.0)Black
    Cold-rolled Strip(25-55)×(0.65-1.80)Polished
    Forged ProductCircular ∮(50-350)×(10-300)Black/Machined
    Rectangle (20-200)×(5-80)


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